We are a team of designers who frequently engage in a plethora of projects spread across several industries. We primarily provide services in the following areas:

  • Branding: brand and logo design, positioning and strategy, brand identity and guidelines
  • Graphic and Product design: illustrations, graphics, product design and manufacturing, custom product solutions
  • Communication design: website and mobile application design, user interface, user experience design, print media, packaging, marketing collateral, brand merchandise

Our process involves working with the client from scratch on their problems and concluding a solution that fits all their needs. We take time in understanding the needs and wants, brainstorming on a range of ideas that could satisfy the gap or opportunity in the market and finally deliver a high quality project ready to function soundly. We have a keen interest in doing something different for all our clients, helping them stand out is vital to us.

Our office has a whole rack for tea and coffee supplies which we collect (read: hoard) and are actively supervised by our alien dog, Freddie, who punishes by smothering in extra licks and love to anyone who can stomach them.

Say hello to us, anytime.
Drop email at hello@www.potatoskins.in