Routern is a travel information and planning brand for the masses, featuring a great collection of valuable information housing the best travel ideas and exploratory intuitions.
Industry: Travel Services
Objective: To create a strong product and brand language for roll out
Deliverable: Brand identity, Corporate collateral, Website & UEx design, Communication collateral

“To travel is to never feel at home, and rightly so.”
We derived the essentials of the brand from the basics of its ideologies, Route (significance of direction) + Tern (type of a sea bird) = Routern. Everything we designed encapsulated the representation of a free spirited frame of mind, for the ‘hopelessly in love’ traveler. Therefore we based our branding on the visual cue of ‘escaping the box’, to emphasize on the liberating nature of travel, with playful illustrations. The key visual language design has been to imply different uses of regular travel related objects, making standard objects utilized in the light of travel accessories. The website design has been done entirely on one constant layer of map. The location map is the constant in the design, location changing on the basis of the user input, while the data represented would be variable, depending upon the information to be displayed while being structured in a perfect manner that assists travel planning for the user. The entire branding has been carried seamlessly between the website, print collateral and communication collateral.

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