SmartVizx is an organization that provides virtual reality services for brands to connect better with their customers.
Industry: Technology
Objective: To create an online presence that doesn’t just speak of the work done by the company, but of the magnetic essence of virtual reality as a field
Deliverable: Website design, Iconography & Illustration design

“Real is boring.”
We created a website for SmartVizx whilst understanding what the essence of the space called virtual reality was. As new technological advancements are made every single day in this domain, we created a website that established SmartVizx as a player that was versatile and agile, keeping up with the changing times of VR. The website included good use of icons and bold catch phrases that simplified the complicated technology of VR in to simple human aesthetics. We also did illustrations for the entire team, derived from interviews conducted to understand their personalities and plotting them with visual cues.