Corseca is a maker of devices that complement the identities of people and become a part of their lifestyles.

Project at hand was to redesign the brand completely catering to its rising competition and market expansion plans. A critical focus was on the packaging as it was imperative the brand stood out among its peers in retail sector as store sales were significantly higher in value for the brand in comparison to online sales.


The identity of the brand and its communication aims to establish a connection with its audience to provide them technology enabled lifestyle experiences. The brand through its visual and communication also aims to communicate strength, innovation, quality consciousness, all by being nimble.



A commitment to quality and uncompromising style

In the core of Corseca, the quality of products in most imperative. It is crucial for the devices to provide the best quality in the price bracket they are operating on for a said product, and that a consumer is left satisfied and content at his or her purchase. Corseca should be relished, enjoyed and the power of its value addition should be circulated through customer experiences and sales material.



A brand that celebrates the joy of accessible technology. It is a unique balance of affordability and efficiency in design that create a happy experience for a consumer’s use.



With quality on its core, Corseca is renowned in its unbeatable combination of core features that drive a passionate user experience with an elevated sense of style.



A no-bullshit strategy is primary to the conversations of Corseca. It is crisp and clear in its communication. Any and all communication doesn’t deviate from highlighting the core values of a product.


The mnemonic can be best described in one word, Flow.

Flow represents energy, of a rhythemic user experience with Corseca’s products. Flow presents a soft movement, a continously comfortable growth in trust with the brand stemming from positive experiences with its devices. It is a reminder for Corseca as well, of their goal to give people value addition of such high standard that it surprises them, enchants them and sets Corseca apart, much like the island of Corsica that inspires them with its serenity and beauty.

Middle class-Premium

Largely millennials and gen Z, extended to senior citizens. Primarily anyone from ages 18-45 years.

A brand that is a lifestyle companion offering a complete experience with enhanced technology at an affordable price. This can be extended to various aspects, e.g. that of a lifestyle companion, BFF, stress reliever, professional use, personal use, etc.


An understanding of how the world sees Corseca, and how Corseca sees itself









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