An animation made to shed light on human centred design for rural India.
With the gender gap increasing, it is imperative to bring to women the tools of the internet and give them the opportunities for a better personal and family life. This very ideology, the means to do so and the urgency of the same has been communication in the animation illustrated for Dalberg and the associated parties of the project.


Commisioned by: Dalberg
Project for: The Ford Foundation, IWWAGE, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Social Sector, NPO

To design and develop an animation that conveys the complications of the problem statement and takes the viewer through the topic with a firm introduction and process.

Illustrated Animated Video

What would a digital world that is fair to women look like?

Dalberg is an advidsory firm in the development sector, contributing to solving global challenges around the world. For their project on human centric design for digital world in India, the magnitude of the problem at hand and the layers to be communicated were deeply complicated, elaborate and hard hitting. The most essential aspect of the animation was to convey the different elements of the content (problem, steps of solution and proposed follow up) for the company and their plans to tackle the issues of gender gap in the digital world. It involved a firm understanding of the problem statement, identifying and highlighting the constituents that convey the problems better, and bringing out the same problems in an aesthetic and relatable manner.


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