The offices of Hero Future Energies were looking for a revamp to engage their sense, build a fondness for the space and provide their employees with a motivating work environment.

We took under our wing 5 floors of the company offices, building entryway and the front of the office building. Apart from graphics, we also got the entire printing, manufacturing and installation for all the additions in the office interiors and exteriors.

5 Floors
covered with graphics, installations, legal and motivational inclusions and wayfinding design.

Environmental Graphics

Hero Future Energies

Renewable Energy

To create an exciting work environment through graphics to present the company values and messages to all visiters and working employees of Hero Future Energies

Office Space Graphics, Fabrication and Installation

The process began with an analysis of what the company needs to represent first and foremost, which in this case was its growing network and its deep belief in the power of renewable energy.

Some of our leading graphics were printed on

100% eco friendly and washable fabric as wallpaper.

Not only does the material provide absolutely stunning printing, its eco-friendly properties ensured the leadership areas (like heads of department, CEO, and so on) refleceted the best industry practises and values of the company itself.


The interiors were designed floor wise, each floor holding staff of specific departments and each floor’s graphics were designed to fit the work profile of people on those floors.

Our focus was to keep the office people oriented first, rather than work oriented. Which is why we implemented graphics designed around words that captured the employee atmosphere and aspirations of the company. These were terminologies taken from various languages of the world, that intended to encourage the people of HFE to seek and find more in their time at HFE than their core responsibilities.

A critical area of focus of the design process was the building entry. We constructed a facade for the company logo to be placed in letter cutouts, wherein the entire base was created with hand cut pieces of recycled wood. Pieces were placed on top of each other devired from the shape of HFE’s solar panel cells, made with recycled wood to reflect the core company values of clean and green energy.


Conference room screens were designed based on themes related to the company branches, and the workforce on each floor.



The exteriors of the building were designed to reflect the two product of the company (solar and wind energy) and its ideology for innovation (futuristic renewable energy solutions).


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